Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review: The Queen's Treasures Bakery Shoppe and Treats!


A couple weeks ago, The Queen's Treasures was having a sale! I used a credit I had and ordered some doll items while everything was on sale.

Here is an overview of the bakery. It came with the canopy top, the poles, the base, the cash register, and the signs. Everything(the bakery, the signs, and the cash register) are made of wood. The bakery was very easy to put together. I actually put it together by myself.

The bakery came with 5 different signs. They include:

They all are so cute and detailed!

Each sign has a little wooden pole in the back. There are holes in the bakery where you put the signs at. For example, see the whole in the rectangle spot? That is where the sign that says 'cupcakes' on it fits! It is very easy to put the signs in their spots.

Here is the cash register. It is so cute! It is also made of wood.

The drawer on the cash register can open and close. It also came with money inside it! The money is not made of paper and is very sturdy. There are $1 bills and $5 bills.

Here is a closer look at the money it came with. Aren't they cute? The money is well detailed and almost look real!

Here is a closer look at the shelves in the front. They are very well spaced out. 

Here is the bakery goods I also bought. It came with 4 cupcakes, 2 cruller donuts, 2 strawberry donuts, and 2 chocolate donuts. Not all of the food is pictured above.

Here is how I arranged them on the top shelf. 

I also bought this cake from The Queen's Treasures. They don't seem to sell it anymore. This cake is beautiful and very well detailed! It did not come with the cake platter. I actually got that at Hobby Lobby and the cake fits on it perfectly!

Here is both shelves. The top shelf is high enough for the cake to sit on the bottom shelf on the cake platter. 

Now the back of the bakery!

In the back of the bakery are 2 small shelves. They can hold the extra baked goods when there isn't any room in the front.

We put in the top shelf the extra goods(an extra cake, donuts, cupcakes, and cookies). In the bottom shelf we put in 3 boxes that came with the bakery, plates, and napkins.

The bakery and the baked goods came with a couple of boxes like this, flat. You are supposed to fold them. I had a hard time with it because there were not any instructions. My mom helped me put them together.

Here is one of the boxes put together. They are really cute! The boxes are made of paper and I was afraid of tearing them while my mom and I were putting them together. They could be nicer.

Here is one of the boxes opened. The boxes are big so they fit the whole cake or 4 of the cupcakes or donuts.

Here is the side of the box open. 

Here is the bakery measured to the size of an 18" doll. We are using Grace since it will be her bakery. 

Here is Grace standing behind the bakery. The bakery poles could be taller so you can see her whole head under the canopy but it is fine for play. 

Also, while my mom and I were at Michael's, I bought a little sign to go with the bakery! One side is whiteboard so I can write on it with whiteboard markers.

The other side is chalkboard. On this side I can write with chalk. I prefer writing on whiteboard though so I will definitely use the other side more. 

It has a string on the bottom that connects both sides for it to stand. If you have a bakery, stand, restaurant, or store and need a sign to write on for it, I definitely recommend going to Michael's and buying this! It was only about $3, which is a great price!

For now, my sister and I named the bakery Tasty Treats but I think we are going to change that. The other day, my sister, my niece, and I were all playing with our dolls with the bakery and each day there was a special. I thought this sign would be great to write each Special of the Day on!

Here is an overview of the whole bakery with everything I have for it! Doesn't Grace look nice with the bakery? When Delanie, Natalie, and I were playing dolls, we had Maryellen work with Grace in it. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this review! If you would like to look closer at some of these items or check out The Queen's Treasures, there are links all throughout the review. 

Thank you for reading!

Does your Grace have a bakery?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and will have an even better 2016!

What are your new year resolutions?