Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Boring Posts =(

Hey friends! The title pretty much sums it up and I am sorry about those. I just have a pretty busy schedule. I promise, my posts will get better. I really want to make you all happy and have fun at the same time and honestly, I am not having that much fun the last couple posts. This post is boring so far, but not anymore! So, just for you all, you guys get to choose what you would like to see on the next post! Here are the options:
  1.  A Craft
  2. A photoshoot
  3. A photostory
  4. A Comparison 
  5. Name that Doll game
  6. Who Looks Better In It game
  7.  Caption the Picture
There are all of your options! You get to vote on what kind of post you would like me to do next! Voting ends March 1st! Thanks you guys for your votes!

P.S. This past post I did on The Seven Dolls of Maple Drive was a Name that Doll. You can go and vote for that here!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Girl Fashion Show- Update!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I have been trying to catch-up in my school and haven't taken time to post. Well, last Saturday, we went to the AG Fashion Show fittings to try our costume on. The lady who runs it had chose ahead of time who would be modeling as who or modeling what outfit. We went to the fittings. I will be modeling as Kaya and will actually be wearing Kaya's Meet Outfit that the doll wears. The outfit isn't available in the stores so it is special for the fashion show. I will be wearing the outfit, my hair will be in pigtail braids with shells at the end, and I will be modeling with no shoes. I also get to hold the Kaya doll. My sister will be modeling the new special edition girl Kaya outfit called the High-Low Hem dress (you can see it here). It is really cute! She will wear that with blue sandals and she gets to wear her hair however she wants. I think she gets to hold a Kaya doll too. We don't get to keep the dolls though. Oh, and guess what! I will be the first person walking out. On Friday, the day before, will be the rehearsal. That day we are having a girls day out and staying at a hotel. I am so excited! Then Saturday will be the show. The show will be in 2 weeks. I am really excited. This is our first time modeling. Well, I just wanted to give you guys the update! My mom will be taking lots of pictures of us and I will definitely be sharing them with you all. Can't wait!

Friday, February 13, 2015

New Items on American Girl!

Hi friends! As you all probably know, American Girl released new items for some of the BeForevers and the MAG. I will say what it is called, the price, and what I think of it. I hope you enjoy!

First the MAG:

The Soccer Team Outfit for dolls, $38

This outfit is cute but I think it is overpriced. I have the old green one (you can see it here) and I am happy with it.

 The Sparkly Jazz Outfit for dolls, $34

This outfit is so cute! I don't really like the straps to it. I also feel like it is overpriced(I think all AG stuff is starting to get overpriced). 

The Sunshine Gardening Bench set, $68

This is adorable but $68! At least the bench is made of wood. I don't think I will ever be getting this.

The Sunshine Garden Outfit for dolls, $30

This outfit is okay. I don't like the shirt but the shorts and the shoes are cute! 

Beachy Hair Beads for dolls, $15

These are cute but totally not worth $15. I mean, 2 bead strands for $15?! I could make 2 for less than $15!

The Boho Beachy Set for girls, $40

This is cute but I will never get it unless it is on sale. 

The Boho Beachy Set for dolls, $28

This outfit is so cute! I love it!

The Pretty Ballet Set for dolls, $28 - $62

This is really cute! The one with the sweater costs $34 and the other one costs $28. I really like this set, especially the tutu!

The Shimmer and Lace Party Dress for girls, $58

This dress is cute for girls but overpriced. 

The Shimmer and Lace Party Dress for dolls, $30

This dress is really cute! I like it. =D

Now the BeForever:

 Addy's Dress and Sewing Set, $48

This dress is so pretty! I love the sewing accessories. I think this outfit is adorable!

Plaid Tops and Classic Crops for girls, $36 - $74

I wouldn't want this outfit but it is cute!

Julie's Skateboarding Set, $48

This set is really cute. I love the shirt and the sneakers!

Graphic Sweatshirt and Rainbow Shirt for girls, $24 - $60

This shirt and shorts are really cute. My size is sold out though.

Julie's Mix-Print Maxi Dress, $28

I don't know how new this is, but I just saw this. It is adorable! I think I want this dress! (This is not a special edition)

Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit, $48

This is really cute and I am glad they got another outfit for Kaya. This is a cute outfit but I don't have an Indian doll.

High-Low Hem Dress for girls, $48

This dress costs the same price as the outfits! I think this dress is really cute!

Kit's Chicken-Keeping Set, $48

I love this set! It is adorable! I love the outfit and the chicken!!

 Cheery Top and Jumper for girls, $28 - $70

This is cute for girls.

Kit's Photographer Outfit, $34

This is really cute! I like Kit's stuff! They have also brought her Typewriter outfit and typewriter back. (This is not a special edition)

Rebecca's Seashore set, $48

I don't like this outfit. I only like the chair.

Seashore Stripes Dress for girls, $42

I don't really like this dress for girls either.

Samantha's Flower-Picking set, $48
This dress is okay. I like the basket. It is cute!
Lacy Tee and Tiered Skirt for girls, $32 - $74
I don't like this set. The skirt is cute, the shirt is cute, but not together.
Samantha's Travel Coat and Hat, $32
This jacket and hat are so cute! It is adorable! I love it. (This is not a special edition)
 Samantha's Special Day Dress, $32
This dress is really cute. I like this dress better than the Flower Picking dress. (This is not a special edition)
 Samantha's Garden Gazebo, $200
This is really cute! $200 is too much money though. (This is not a special edition)
Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set, $75
This is really cute but just like the gazebo, it is overpriced. (This is not a special edition)
Samantha's Painting Set, $36
This is really cute but I don't think it is worth $36. (This is not a special edition)

Samantha's Summertime Treats, $45
This is really cute but not worth $45. (This is not a special edition)
 Samantha's Travel Bag Set, $28

I am not sure how new this is but it is really cute! (This is not a special edition)

That is it! What are your favorite MAG and BeForever items? I have also heard a rumor that American Girl is changing the name of My American Girl to Truly Me. Didn't they just change it? Anyways, what do you think of that? Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Awards Post(Containg 4)!

Hello! It's me, Hope! I was nominated for 3 awards by Gabrielle at Dolls World. You should go and check her out! Thanks for nominating me Gabrielle! Well, the first award I will do is the Liebster award.


Chocolate or Candy?
Live in an empty barn or in a room full of barn animals?
With animals!
Artsy or Sporty?
I would say neither really.
Hawaii or Mexico?
Addy or Samantha?
BeForever or GOTY?
Draw or Paint?
I can't do either! lol I like to look at paintings.
Sleep in or wake up early?
Sleep in
What is one thing you NEED from AG?
Grace Thomas!!
Books or magazines?
Did you always live where you live right now?
Claire's or Icing?
My questions:
Which GOTY is your favorite?
Which BeForever is your favorite?
Which AG pet is your favorite?
Read a book or read a magazine?
Make-up or earrings?
Red or Orange?
Spider or Snake? 

I nominate: Shelby-Grace, Doll Daydreams, and Mint4AGDolls.
The next award is the Adorable Animal Award! 


Pet frog or lizard?
Walk a bunny or a cat outside?
I think a cat.
Whale or shark?
Totally whale!
Ride a camel or rhino?
Hug a pug puppy or cat?
Hm.....I think a cat.

My questions:
A big dog or a little dog?
A monkey or an ape?
What exotic pet would you want?
A mouse or a rat?
Wet dog/cat food or dry dog/cat food?

I nominate: AGDTime, Adaline, and Angie.
The next award is The Random Award!
Watch movies or watch a t.v series?
A movie
 Right in colorful ink or black?
Black ink
Sew a pillow or purse?
A pillow  
Walmart or Target?

Puzzles or Board games?
Board games

Country music or pop music?
My questions are the same as above. I nominate: Ella Louise, Rylee, and Kathryn.
The last award I was nominated for is Sisterhood of the World.

If you could be a girl of the year in real life who would you be?
I would be either Kailey or Isabelle.
Meatloaf the dog or Coconut the dog?
Kanani or Grace?
Lasagna or mashed potatoes?
Mashed potatoes
Long or Short hair?
Same questions as above. I nominate: Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Amaya!
Thanks for reading everyone!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Doll Find~ Mini Chalkboard!

Hey guys! A couple days ago, we went to Micheal's because they were having a sale. While we were there, I found this adorable mini chalkboard! The first thing that popped up in my head was "doll". It was only $1 so I asked my mom if I could get it. She said yes. Here are pictures of it!

Here I have Cecile teaching with it. It is a little small for that. It would be better to use for in front of your bakery, restaurant, etc. It is still adorable though! What do you think of it? Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ballet Practice~~~A Photostory!

Hey guys! I have put together a photostory for you guys starring Morissa(I know, I just did a photoshoot with her). I hope you enjoy it!

 I arrived at my mom's dance studio. My mom told me I can go to it to practice whenever I want as long as it isn't during classes. She doesn't have classes until about 1 hour. It was 4:00pm. I got started right away.

 I took off my over garments and sat down to get my stuff out of my bag. I pulled out my ballet shoes and my pink skirt. 

I started to stretch. Reach for my toes on the one side and hold it. Then reach on the other side and hold it. It feels great in your legs. It is one of my favorite stretches. 

I did a split. It took me a long time to get my split but I finally have it down.

Then, I started my routine. The first thing I do is go in first position. 

After my routine, I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe my hair still looked really good. I grabbed my water bottle and took a sip. I was kind of hot.

I packed up, pulled on my sweater, locked the door, and left. My practice went really well. My mom was excited I came home and we ate dinner together. 

So, how did you like it? The story is at Morissa's perspective. Should I do more photostory's? This is only my second one. Thanks for reading!