Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Awards Post(Containg 4)!

Hello! It's me, Hope! I was nominated for 3 awards by Gabrielle at Dolls World. You should go and check her out! Thanks for nominating me Gabrielle! Well, the first award I will do is the Liebster award.


Chocolate or Candy?
Live in an empty barn or in a room full of barn animals?
With animals!
Artsy or Sporty?
I would say neither really.
Hawaii or Mexico?
Addy or Samantha?
BeForever or GOTY?
Draw or Paint?
I can't do either! lol I like to look at paintings.
Sleep in or wake up early?
Sleep in
What is one thing you NEED from AG?
Grace Thomas!!
Books or magazines?
Did you always live where you live right now?
Claire's or Icing?
My questions:
Which GOTY is your favorite?
Which BeForever is your favorite?
Which AG pet is your favorite?
Read a book or read a magazine?
Make-up or earrings?
Red or Orange?
Spider or Snake? 

I nominate: Shelby-Grace, Doll Daydreams, and Mint4AGDolls.
The next award is the Adorable Animal Award! 


Pet frog or lizard?
Walk a bunny or a cat outside?
I think a cat.
Whale or shark?
Totally whale!
Ride a camel or rhino?
Hug a pug puppy or cat?
Hm.....I think a cat.

My questions:
A big dog or a little dog?
A monkey or an ape?
What exotic pet would you want?
A mouse or a rat?
Wet dog/cat food or dry dog/cat food?

I nominate: AGDTime, Adaline, and Angie.
The next award is The Random Award!
Watch movies or watch a t.v series?
A movie
 Right in colorful ink or black?
Black ink
Sew a pillow or purse?
A pillow  
Walmart or Target?

Puzzles or Board games?
Board games

Country music or pop music?
My questions are the same as above. I nominate: Ella Louise, Rylee, and Kathryn.
The last award I was nominated for is Sisterhood of the World.

If you could be a girl of the year in real life who would you be?
I would be either Kailey or Isabelle.
Meatloaf the dog or Coconut the dog?
Kanani or Grace?
Lasagna or mashed potatoes?
Mashed potatoes
Long or Short hair?
Same questions as above. I nominate: Kaitlyn, Olivia, and Amaya!
Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. Thank you for nominationg me! I shall get that up with other awards later this week. : )

  2. Congrats on all the awards! I liked reading your answers! Thanks so much for nominating me! :)