Friday, September 26, 2014

The Freebie Friday Pattern Is...

Hello everyone! It is Freebie Friday! The winning pattern is...........................................(drum roll)..................................................The Baseball T-shirt pattern for 18" dolls! You can get your free pattern by clicking here. Hurry though! The pattern is only free today. If you make your dolls a t-shirt using this pattern, send your photos to me and I can feature you on my blog! Enjoy the free pattern! =)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Freebie Friday Voting Time!

Hey everybody! Once again, it is time to vote for Freebie Friday! Last week I missed it. :( Anyways, the options for this week are the following:

The Shiny Happy Dress pattern

 The Baseball T-shirt pattern.

The Off The Shoulder Tee

 The Malibu Halter pattern.

You can go and vote on a pattern here. Which pattern do you like best? I like best the Baseball tee and the Off the Shoulder tee. Comment below which pattern you voted on!

P.S. I voted on the Baseball T-shirt! =)

Harmony Club Dolls Special Deal!

Hello everyone! On Harmony Club Dolls, they are having a special this week. You can take 20% off on anything using the coupon code SAVE20. They have beautiful dolls and there outfits are precious! You can visit their website here: Harmony Club Dolls. =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Madame Alexander New on Zulily!

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been posting. I have been bogged down with lots of school to do. I promise I will make more posts this week. I have a craft idea and can't wait to share soon! Anyways, Madame Alexander is new on Zulily today! All of there items are up to 50% off. They have mostly dolls for sale. You can check there items out here. Scroll down to the third column and you will see the ad about it. Click on that and you will be able to see all their items for sale. They will be on Zulily for 3 days! =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sophia's Soda Fountain Set!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't post anything on Sunday. I was originally going to post this on Sunday but our internet wasn't working. So in the last post, I told you that I also got Sophia's Soda Fountain Set at the Doll Boutique. The set came with 4 sodas, 4 spoons, and 4 napkins. 2 of the soda's are like a root beer float and the other 2 are like a strawberry float. I tried to put the soda's in their hands but unfortunately, they don't fit. Here are some photos:

 Morissa and Sophie volunteered to be the models! :)

Here is a close-up of the strawberry float. 

Here is a close-up of the root beer float. 

Here is a close-up of the napkins and spoons with the soda's.

Here is a close-up of the doll sized spoons and napkins.

I think this set is adorable! What do you think of it? :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Owl Outfit from The Doll Boutique!

Hi everyone! When we were up in PA visiting family, we went to a Flea Market in Lancaster. We went to this Flea Market, it was called Root's Market, specifically for the doll shop in it. It was called The Doll Boutique. They had 18" and 15" doll clothes, furniture, and accessories! They even had 18" dolls! While I was there, I purchased an owl dress, that is styled similarly to Saige's meet outfit. I also purchased Sophia's Soda Fountain set. I will post pictures of that in another post. Here are some photos with Morissa modeling the dress.

Here is the owl dress. It didn't come with shoes so I paired these boots with the dress. They look nice together!

Here is a closer look at the dress.

Here is a closer look at the owl print. Some of the owls are upside down and some upward.

The belt looks really cute with the outfit! 

Here is a face shot of Morissa. I love her hair! 


Morissa found a fungus on a fallen tree branch.

Morissa is reaching out to touch it.

Morissa decided to sit on the branch since it is more like a log to her.

Here is Morissa touching the fungus. It feels funny!

Here is a side view of Morissa sitting on the 'log.'

A different view of Morissa touching the fungus.

I love this picture!

Last photo! A different view of her boots.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those photos! What do you think of the outfit? Comment below! :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Frozen Dresses from Harmony Club Dolls!

Hey everyone! Harmony Club Dolls have Frozen dresses for 18" dolls! They have an Elsa and Anna. They are on back-order until October 15th. They  cost $35.95 each. Here are pictures of these adorable outfits:

Here is the Elsa dress. Isn't it lovely!

Here is the Anna dress with the cape. I just love the cape!

 Here is the Anna dress without the cape. It looks just like Anna's from the movie!

I think I like these Frozen dresses better than the other Frozen dresses I posted about. Even though these ones cost a little more, I think they might be worth the extra money. What do you think about them?

Get your Freebie Friday Pattern!

It's Freebie Friday! The winning pattern was the Sorrento Top. You can download it for free but only today! The pattern is a pdf file. You can go download your free pattern here. Thanks! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Curl your Doll's Hair!

Hey everyone! I am going to show you how to curl your dolls hair. It is simple and only takes a few minutes. I am going to use Saige to demonstrate.

You will need:

  • A mister bottle
  • An AG brush
  • A Sharpie or any fat marker
  • A washcloth to cover your dolls eyes
  • A salon chair, optional

First, you will spray your dolls hair to get it wet.

When it is wet, brush it a little bit to make sure it isn't to knotty. 

Separate her hair into separate strands. Take your marker and wrap the hair around it slowly and tightly. Spray it while you are twisting the hair up. When it is wrapped to the top, spray it with water until it is damp and hold it there for a few seconds. Then pull the marker out of the hair and let the curl fall down.

Here is the first curl! Keep doing the same thing until you have done all the hair.

Just 2 more strands to go!

Here is Saige with her hair all curled! She looks so nice!

Here is a view of her hair with her standing up out of her chair. 

How do you like it? Send me pictures of your dolls hair curled! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for reading! :)

American Girl on Zulily Soon!

Hey everybody! Tomorrow, American Girl is going to be on Zulily! They will be on through September 15th. The items will be up to 40% off. They will have Bitty Baby dolls, accessories, books, and more! I am so excited to see that American Girl is going to be on Zulily. You can go and see the sale tomorrow by clicking here. How do you feel about American Girl on Zulily?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Freebie Friday Voting Time!

It is time to vote for Freebie Friday! Every Friday, Liberty Jane gives away a free pattern and instructions. They let there customers vote! They give 4 options. Here are this weeks options:

The Baseball tee for 18" dolls.

The Off the Shoulder tee for 18" dolls.

The Malibu Halter for 18" dolls.

The Sorrento Top for 18" dolls.

To go and vote what you would like the pattern to be, click here. Let me know in the comments what you voted! Thanks!

P.S. I voted on the Off-the-Shoulder tee! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No Posts on Mondays!

Hey guys! Sorry that I never told you all but yesterday I started co-op, which is when homeschool families come together and do school, and then in the evening I have 4-H dog. So, I will not be posting on Mondays. I just wanted to let you all know that! Thanks for understanding! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Photoshoot with Lanie!

Hey everyone! Lanie was doing some work and I asked her if I could take a photoshoot of her. She was like 'your featuring me on your blog!' LOL I am going to turn this over to Lanie.

Lanie here! So, as Hope already said, she did a photoshoot of me doing some stuff on the computer. I was answering an email that was sent to me. Nothing special. Anyways, here are the photos:

Here is a picture of me after I got situated and started checking my email.

Here is the picture just at a different angle.

I found an email from my friend!

You can kind of read the email in this picture. 

I think this is my favorite photo.
This has nothing to do with my computer work but here are my postcards I have received!

It was hard to concentrate when someone else was taking pictures of you!

Actually, I was wrong. This is my favorite photo!

Here is the last photo of the photoshoot! 

I hope you guys enjoy the photos of me! Which was your favorite?

~Lanie and Hope

Friday, September 5, 2014

Human Pajama Shirt to Dolly Pajama Pants!

I made these pajama pants for my dolls out of an old pajama shirt of mine! As you can probably see in the picture below, we made our own pattern and cut out the pants from the bottom of the sleeves of the shirt. We used the end of the sleeves so the dark line would be at the bottom of the pants. Then, we sewed the two pieces together and...Ta Da! We made adorable pajama pants for our dolls! What do you think?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2 Days Left on My Twinn's End of Summer Deals!

There are only 2 days left on My Twinn's End of Summer Deals! Buy 1 Vintage Toddler for $29, 2 for $49, or 3 for $59. Use the code TODDLER123 to receive the discount. You can buy an 18" Adopt-A-Friend for $49, 2 for $89, or 3 for $119! Use the code TWINN18 to receive this discount. They also have a sale on the 18" Adopt-A-Friends outfits. One outfit for $19, 2 for $29, or 3 outfits for $39 if you use the code MYOUTFIT at the checkout. All girls clothing is 30% off! Go check it out here. There Sweet Baby G is only $9! You can also save 30% on baby dolls outfits and accessories! Last, but not least, there is 30% off all camping gear! Act fast, the sales end on Friday! Make sure you use the codes I gave you above to receive the discount. =)

Frozen Pre-sale!

Hey everyone! On Daydream Doll Boutique, they have a Frozen holiday pre-sale! They have an Anna and Elsa dress for 18" dolls. Since it is a pre-sale, they will be shipping the dresses on November 1st. They only have a limited amount! They are beautiful. Here is the link to the shop: Daydream Doll Boutique
Larger ImageLarger Image