Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rename that Doll~Finale!

Hi! Guess what? I have chosen my 5 most favorite names for the Rename that Doll game. The doll you were to rename was Kit. Thank you all for your name suggestions! It was very hard to limit the 16 names to only 5. Well, I will add the photo of Kit so you guys can look at her while you vote on your name. Here are a few rules:

1. You can only choose 1 name! 
2. You may vote on the name you suggested if it is up for voting.
3. It is not a popularity contest so don't vote on somebody's just because the name is theirs.
4. Have fun!!

Okay, so here is the picture of Kit. 

Now, here are the 5 names I chose(in alphabetic order):

1. Abigail- Suggested by Delanie
2. Emmalyne- Suggested by Maddie
3. Katy- Suggested by Mint
4. Kaylee- Suggested by Doll Daydreams
5. Lorelei(Lorie)- Suggested by Morgan

Okay, so now what you have to do is comment your vote! Reminder: you are only allowed to vote on 1 name! Next week, Thursday, April 2nd, I will announce the name with the most votes! All of your votes need to be commented before Thursday! Votes should be no later than midnight on April 1st. Have fun voting and thank you!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pleasant Spring Day- A Photoshoot!

Hey! It's me, Hope. Today is just so beautiful so I took Emily out for a photoshoot. I had been wanting to do a photoshoot and today was perfect. I hope you like the photos!

Well, that is it! Which photo was your favorite? Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Meet Our Dolls~Updated!

Hey guys! I have finally updated the Meet Our Dolls Page for you all! All that is missing is a few pictures of our dolls. I just need to take a picture of them dolls and add them to the page. I promise, it will not take me as long to do that! Now, whenever we get a new doll, I am going to add the doll to the page right away! Thank you all for being patient about it. I hope you enjoy the updated page!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rename that Doll!

Hi! How are you all doing? So, I am going to do a game with you all. It is called 'Rename that Doll'! I will show a picture of a doll and you guys have to rename her in the comments. I will then choose my favorite five names and then you all get to vote on those. The person who has the winning name will get a shoutout along with the post announcing the winning name. Okay, lets get started now since you all know how to play. The doll is:

This is Kit, nickname for Margaret. Comment your names you would rename her next Thursday, March 26, I will announce my five favorite names. Then you guys will have another week to vote. Have fun and name away!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

AG Fashion Show Souvenirs!

Hey there! Now, I will be showing you the souvenirs I  got at the AG Fashion show. I got three different souvenirs(an outfit, a little lunch set, and a paper doll set) and will be showing you all three. I will do it kind of similar to a review. I hope you enjoy!

The Outfit: 

Here is an overview of the outfit. What I got from it is the hat, the shirt, the jeggings, the boots, and the doll-holder bag. 

Here is a closer look at the beanie hat. It has orange and pink stars and the hat is white. It looks great on Cecile. I love how her curls stick out of the beanie. So cute!

On the back it says American Girl Fashion Show which is really cool. 

Here is a close of the stars on the shirt. They are the same colors as the stars on the hat. 

At the bottom of the long sleeve shirt is a cute little ruffle. On the end of one of the sleeves says American Girl Fashion Show just like the hat.

Here is the little doll-holder bag. I don't think it can hold a mini doll in it. On it are orange and pink stars. It looks just like a doll holder for us just doll sized.

It too says American Girl Fashion Show on it. It says it really big on the front so it is easy to see.

On the side on the jeggings are pink and orange stars.

The stars go to the back. The jeggings have cute back pockets. 

They are so cute! They say American Girl Fashion Show on one of the back pockets.

The boots are so cute. They are sparkly pink with a pink fur trim around the top. 

The pink fur trim is fuzzy. It is so cute!

The sole isn't that great quality but they will be fine.

One of my boots I got was defective so my mom wrote to the lady who ran the fashion show and told her and AG sent me a new pair of the boots! They actually just came today. The issue was dealt with in a very good manner.

Lunch Set:

The lunch set came with a little cup of lemonade, a plate, and a American Girl Fashion Show lunch menu. 

Here they are out of the packaging.

The cup of pink lemonade is so cute. It has a cute little lemon slice on the top.

Here is a better look at the lemon slice on the top. 

Here is the white plate. It is a perfect size. 

It has the AG star in the middle and then pink stars are scattered all around it.

The menu is the cutest from this set. It is a menu from the American Girl Fashion Show.

Here is a look at the menu. I call it the lunch set because at the top of the menu says lunch. 

Here is Cecile looking at her menu deciding what she would get for lunch. 

The Paper-Doll Fashion Show:

The fashion show was giving these to the models for free. It opens up to become...

A paper-doll fashion runway! Behind the stage is a little pocket where you can keep your paper-dolls and the outfits.

The curtain is so cute and the stage looks like it is made from wood.

At the end of the stage it says American Girl Fashion Show.

Now I will show you the doll-sized program, the paper-dolls, and the sticker outfits that came with the stage.

Here is the front of the program.

Here is the first page of the program. It is a message board similar to the one in the real program.

Here is a page for autographs.

The last page is a song.

Now, here are the stickers for the paper-dolls. There are three BeForever and three MAG. This one is Julie's page. The meet outfit is her old one.

Here is Kit's page of stickers.

Here is Rebecca's page of stickers. Just like Julie's, her meet outfit is the old one.

Here is a page of MAG stickers.

Here is the dance page for MAG of stickers.

Here is the last page of stickers for MAG.

Here is the Kit paper-doll.

Here is the Julie paper-doll.

Here is the Rebecca paper-doll.

Here is one of the MAG paper-dolls.

Here is another one of the MAG paper-dolls.

Here is the last MAG paper-doll. The paper-dolls are very nice and made from very thick cardboard. 

Here is one of the MAG paper-dolls modeling one of the outfits. Unfortunately, the outfits are stickers and are very hard to reuse. That is the only down side.

What do you think of the souvenirs? Which one is your favorite? I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for reading!