Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Winning Post Is...!

Hey there! Do you remember my post I posted on February 25th where you got to vote on what kind of post you would like to see? Well, here I am posting the results(and the post). Here are the results:

 1. Craft-1 vote
2. Photoshoot-3 votes
3. Photostory-2 votes
4. A Comparison- 3 votes
5. Name that Doll- 2 votes
6. Who Looks Better In It- 4 votes
7. Caption the Picture- 2 votes

The winning post is a Who Looks Better In It post! At first, all of the ones with 3 votes and this one had 3 votes and I was going to do that every post, until I did them all, would be one of those. Thankfully, I noticed I had a comment awaiting moderation. It was Doll Daydreams and she voted for this one, making it 4 votes! Thanks Doll Daydreams for making this voting not a tie! Anyways, lets get onto the post. My models today will be Sophie and Marie-Grace. They will be modeling the I Like Your Style outfit(the MAG Meet outfit in 2005)Here are the pictures:

Will you pick Sophie?


Will you pick Marie-Grace?

Comment who you vote for and next week, March 12, I will count up the votes and announce the winner! Thank you all for voting and have fun!


  1. Yay! I picked this one! I vote for Marie Grace!

  2. I vote for Marie-Grace! Btw, I really like your header. :)


  3. I like Marie Grace!
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  4. Both look cute, but I think I'll vote for Marie-Grace. This was kind of hard. :)


  5. Hi Hope! I'm answering your question about the trivia here, because I'm not approving any comments on that post. Yes, you need to have only one answer, or I can'y count it. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Okay! Then I will go and choose one of the answers I said. Thanks for letting me know!


  6. Marie-Grace! :)

  7. I vote for Sophie!
    Ms. AGdoll