Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Generation on Zulily Sale!

Our Generation is selling some of there 18" dolls and accessories. The items are up to 25% off! You can go and see this sale here. :)

Friends Forever Dolls and Accesories on Zulily!

Friends Forever Dolls and Accessories are selling clothes, shoes, and accessories for 18" dolls! They are also selling some porcelain dolls. The sale ends today! You can come and check it out here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Cecile!

Today is Cecile's birthday! Here is a picture of my dolls celebrating! Marie-Grace, who is Cecile's best friend, is giving her 2 Isabelle doll toys as gifts! One is Isabelle in her meet outfit and the other is Dancer Isabelle. Cecile loves her new toys! You can send me pictures of your dolls celebrating Cecile's birthday at Thanks for Reading!

Patriotic Outfit Giveaway!

Doll Diaries is holding a giveaway for a cute Patriotic Outfit from Gigi's Doll Creations! There are many ways to enter this giveaway. You can find out how to enter this giveaway here. Thanks!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Purses from the Flea Market!

Yesterday, I went to the Auburndale Flea Market. At one of the stands, I found 2 adorable bags. One is a jean purse and the other is a red and black purse. They were only $1! Both of the purses can be carried by your doll.


                                                                    Thanks for Reading!

McDonald Isabelle Toy 1 and 2!

Yesterday, I went to McDonald's to purchase some Isabelle toys. I didn't buy the Happy Meal, just the toy. The prices vary from $1-$2 depending on the McDonald's. Toy 1 and 2 were available to purchase and I bought both of them.

Toy 1 is a little doll of Isabelle. She is a hard plastic doll. She comes dressed in Isabelle's meet outfit. Your American Girl doll can hold her!

The second toy isn't a doll. It is "Isabelle's Fabric Inspirational Book." It is a little hard plastic booklet with a cover that opens. It comes with 3 pieces of fabric and stickers. You lay the fabrics under the booklet cover to create dance wear. Sticker accessories can be added to finish the look. The stickers are shoes, headbands, flowers, and leg warmers.
All of the toys come with a card with information about the new movie coming out, Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight. It will be released this summer.Both these toys are very cute and I will continue to go to McDonald's to purchase more Isabelle toys.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Retiring Dolls in Fall

This fall, American Girl is retiring Cecile, Marie-Grace, Ruthie, and Ivy! I can't believe it! Cecile and Marie-Grace haven't been out very long! I also love Ruthie. Who are you upset about retiring? Give your opinions about this below!

Doll Diaries Summer Wardrobe Giveaway!

 Doll Diaries is having a special summer wardrobe giveaway! This giveaway has a $595 value! Here are the co-hosts of this amazing giveaway:


1. Diana of Diana Rambles – Diana aka FreeStyleMama, the coordinator of this giveaway, is a self-described creative crafty mama of 3 who blogs about food, crafts, family & fun. She also is a blog designer & seamstress.
2. Amy of SewsNBows – Amy is a fabric hoarder and sewing pattern collector who enjoys sewing children’s clothing and accessories. Her beautiful creations are showcased on her blog.
3. Millie & Kristina of 2 Crochet Hooks - Millie and Kristina, a Mother and Daughter team of Fiber Crafters, Entrepreneurs and Environmentally Concerned Parents. Blogging about Crochet, Crafts, Recycling, and Fun!
4. Stephanie of The Tip Toe Fairy – Stephanie is a stay-at-home mommy to 3. She blogs about crafting, cupcakes, book reviews, and more.
5. KC of The Real Thing with the Coake Family- KC is a stay at home mom of two cuties who are 11 and 7. She blogs at The Real Thing with the Coake Family which is about living the creative life with her family, while keeping it real along the way.
6. Debbie of Heartbeats~ Soul Stains – Debbie is a wife, mother of 7 and a nurse that has survived many obstacles. She share stories about her life living in controlled chaos.
7. Janell of Saving you Dinero - Janell is a stay-at-home mom and blogger at Saving You Dinero, a blog dedicated to “saving you time and money, from kitchen to store and so much more.” Janell enjoys baking, shopping online, and saving money by scouring the internet for the best deals and coupon codes.
8. Lynn of Turnips 2 Tangerines - Turnips 2 Tangerines is Lynn’s Little Kitchen in the Big Woods of Northern WI is where she shares with you, her family tested and approved recipes, kitchen tips and many adventures traveling throughout Wisconsin.
9. Emily of Naptime Creations – Emily is an adventure loving mom who lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two boys. When she’s not with her family or friends you can find her sewing, cooking, taking photos and blogging.
10. Jenny of Learning and Growing the Piwi Way - Jenny is a proud wife and mama who enjoys blogging about teaching her kids, the books she reads and food. With another job relocation always just over the horizon most of the projects she writes about are an attempt to distract her from packing.
11. Laura of Laura Kelly’s INKlings - Laura Kelly is a licensed artist and creative project designer for She blogs her journey with hopes of inspiring and stimulating creativity in others.
12. Stephanie of A Geek in Glasses - Stephanie loves all things Vintage and crafty and her house shows it. She just got AG Doll Molly McIntire for Christmas because she wants to have a Victory Garden and loves all things 1940′s!!!
13. Lisa of Crazy Adventures in Parenting - Lisa Douglas is an Army wife raising seven kids sharing humorous parental war-stories, yummy homemade family-friendly recipes, craft tutorials, hilarious family videos, and much more at Lisa’s on a journey to savor every ”small” moment, finding the humor in the joy in everything (even diapers and laundry).
14. Char of Doll Diaries – Char is the founder and blogger at Doll Diaries where girls of all ages are inspired to create, play and share doll related activities. She is excited for the second summer of Camp Doll Diaries – a free, online summer camp with new themed activities for girls of all ages each day.
15. Ayelet of The Graceful Rose - Ayelet is the owner of The Graceful Rose shop, is a wife and mama to two adorable girls. Her blog is a bit about her daily life, with tips and tricks that she’s learned along the way.
16. Anna of Doll It Up – Anna shares projects and inspiration to sew, craft and create for dolls. From easy to advanced projects come and create, repurpose and PLAY!
17. Rachel & Donna of Once Upon a Sewing Machine – The sewing machine has always been a place for us to come together as mother and daughter team. It is a place where we can brainstorm, laugh, cry, catch up after being apart and share new projects.
18. Michelle of Crafty Little Me – Michelle is wife and mother to two cats and one playful pup. Her site is a way for her to document and share her passion for big projects, events, etc., and more importantly, planning
and organizing these things and seeing everything come together in the end.

You can visit the Doll Diaries website to find the different ways to enter!

American Girl New Summer Release!

American Girl has released 3 pages of new summer items for you and your dolls! There are some really cute things. You can check out these new items here. My favorite is the Sunny Isle outfit. What's yours?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chat with Isabelle's Books Author!

Do you like Isabelle's books? Do you have questions about it and want to ask the author? Well, on Wednesday, May 21st, you can chat live with the him! It will be at 8pm, eastern time. All you do is go to American Girls Facebook page at 8pm! Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Springfield Sale on Zulily

Springfield is having a sale on Zulily! This sale will end May 7th. They have shoes, outfits, and accessories available! Click here if you want to see what they have on sale. Thanks for reading!

American Girl "Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight" Movie Trailer

Have you heard that American Girl is coming out with a movie to go along with the 2014 Girl of the Year,  Isabelle Palmer? Well, it is true! American Girl has already released a trailer for us to see! The date of the movie's release has not been announced.. When it is, I will let you all know! I can't wait to see the movie! How about you?

                     Here is the trailer to "Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight".

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Isabelle Toys in McDonald Happy Meals

Hello everyone! I have heard that little Isabelle toys and Isabelle paper dolls will be in McDonald's Happy Meals. It will be starting May 23rd.If you are not a McDonald's fan, like me, and don't want to buy the meals, you can just buy the toys for either one or two dollars. I will definitely collect these toys from McDonald's! What do you think? Thanks for reading!

My Twinn 23" Doll Sale!

My Twinn is having another sale on their 23" dolls! For one it is $69 and for two just $100! When you purchase two dolls, you can receive a free matching bracelet for you and your doll! Hurry because this sale ends May 8th! Use the coupon code CHARMEDAAF at the register when you purchase your new doll! You can go and check out the 23" dolls here.