Sunday, May 25, 2014

McDonald Isabelle Toy 1 and 2!

Yesterday, I went to McDonald's to purchase some Isabelle toys. I didn't buy the Happy Meal, just the toy. The prices vary from $1-$2 depending on the McDonald's. Toy 1 and 2 were available to purchase and I bought both of them.

Toy 1 is a little doll of Isabelle. She is a hard plastic doll. She comes dressed in Isabelle's meet outfit. Your American Girl doll can hold her!

The second toy isn't a doll. It is "Isabelle's Fabric Inspirational Book." It is a little hard plastic booklet with a cover that opens. It comes with 3 pieces of fabric and stickers. You lay the fabrics under the booklet cover to create dance wear. Sticker accessories can be added to finish the look. The stickers are shoes, headbands, flowers, and leg warmers.
All of the toys come with a card with information about the new movie coming out, Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight. It will be released this summer.Both these toys are very cute and I will continue to go to McDonald's to purchase more Isabelle toys.

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