Monday, September 5, 2016

American Girl Products at Toys R Us!

Hey everyone!

American Girl's Wellie Wishers are being sold at Toys R Us, and it just started this month. 

Next month, they will be selling American Girl's Truly Me dolls.

According to Chicago Tribune, AG's sales last year decreased by 8% from the year before. Mattel is hoping that this will help make the dolls more available. 

I have also heard that they are going to be selling American Girl Mega Bloks! 

Here are some pictures I have found about these:

There are many more pictures, but these are just a few. 

I think that with the availability of American Girl dolls at Toys R Us stores is going to devalue the dolls, because now you can just go to your local Toys R Us store instead of going to the closest American Girl store or ordering online!

I think the Mega Bloks are cool. It kind of makes me think of the Lego Friends sets.

How do you feel about American Girl dolls being at Toys R Us? What do you think of the AG Mega Bloks?