Friday, February 6, 2015

Doll Find~ Mini Chalkboard!

Hey guys! A couple days ago, we went to Micheal's because they were having a sale. While we were there, I found this adorable mini chalkboard! The first thing that popped up in my head was "doll". It was only $1 so I asked my mom if I could get it. She said yes. Here are pictures of it!

Here I have Cecile teaching with it. It is a little small for that. It would be better to use for in front of your bakery, restaurant, etc. It is still adorable though! What do you think of it? Thanks for reading!


  1. That's adorable! Great find! :)

  2. Cute! I'm always on the lookout for doll-sized stuff. :)


  3. Great find! I always love mini stuff like that. ^_^

    -Seven Little Daisies

    1. Same here! Thanks Seven Little Daisies!