Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Girl Fashion Show- Update!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I have been trying to catch-up in my school and haven't taken time to post. Well, last Saturday, we went to the AG Fashion Show fittings to try our costume on. The lady who runs it had chose ahead of time who would be modeling as who or modeling what outfit. We went to the fittings. I will be modeling as Kaya and will actually be wearing Kaya's Meet Outfit that the doll wears. The outfit isn't available in the stores so it is special for the fashion show. I will be wearing the outfit, my hair will be in pigtail braids with shells at the end, and I will be modeling with no shoes. I also get to hold the Kaya doll. My sister will be modeling the new special edition girl Kaya outfit called the High-Low Hem dress (you can see it here). It is really cute! She will wear that with blue sandals and she gets to wear her hair however she wants. I think she gets to hold a Kaya doll too. We don't get to keep the dolls though. Oh, and guess what! I will be the first person walking out. On Friday, the day before, will be the rehearsal. That day we are having a girls day out and staying at a hotel. I am so excited! Then Saturday will be the show. The show will be in 2 weeks. I am really excited. This is our first time modeling. Well, I just wanted to give you guys the update! My mom will be taking lots of pictures of us and I will definitely be sharing them with you all. Can't wait!

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