Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rename that Doll~Finale!

Hi! Guess what? I have chosen my 5 most favorite names for the Rename that Doll game. The doll you were to rename was Kit. Thank you all for your name suggestions! It was very hard to limit the 16 names to only 5. Well, I will add the photo of Kit so you guys can look at her while you vote on your name. Here are a few rules:

1. You can only choose 1 name! 
2. You may vote on the name you suggested if it is up for voting.
3. It is not a popularity contest so don't vote on somebody's just because the name is theirs.
4. Have fun!!

Okay, so here is the picture of Kit. 

Now, here are the 5 names I chose(in alphabetic order):

1. Abigail- Suggested by Delanie
2. Emmalyne- Suggested by Maddie
3. Katy- Suggested by Mint
4. Kaylee- Suggested by Doll Daydreams
5. Lorelei(Lorie)- Suggested by Morgan

Okay, so now what you have to do is comment your vote! Reminder: you are only allowed to vote on 1 name! Next week, Thursday, April 2nd, I will announce the name with the most votes! All of your votes need to be commented before Thursday! Votes should be no later than midnight on April 1st. Have fun voting and thank you!


  1. I pick Lorelei- that's actually one of my best friends names!

  2. Lorelei (Lorie) first, Abigail second. Thanks for picking mine. :)


  3. Argh, I had so much trouble choosing between Abigail and Emmalyne, but I'll choose Emmalyne

  4. I am going with Lorelei(Lorie). All of the names are cute!


  5. Thank you all for your votes! This voting is now closed. All votes that are posted after this comment will not be counted. I will be posting the results soon!