Saturday, September 13, 2014

Owl Outfit from The Doll Boutique!

Hi everyone! When we were up in PA visiting family, we went to a Flea Market in Lancaster. We went to this Flea Market, it was called Root's Market, specifically for the doll shop in it. It was called The Doll Boutique. They had 18" and 15" doll clothes, furniture, and accessories! They even had 18" dolls! While I was there, I purchased an owl dress, that is styled similarly to Saige's meet outfit. I also purchased Sophia's Soda Fountain set. I will post pictures of that in another post. Here are some photos with Morissa modeling the dress.

Here is the owl dress. It didn't come with shoes so I paired these boots with the dress. They look nice together!

Here is a closer look at the dress.

Here is a closer look at the owl print. Some of the owls are upside down and some upward.

The belt looks really cute with the outfit! 

Here is a face shot of Morissa. I love her hair! 


Morissa found a fungus on a fallen tree branch.

Morissa is reaching out to touch it.

Morissa decided to sit on the branch since it is more like a log to her.

Here is Morissa touching the fungus. It feels funny!

Here is a side view of Morissa sitting on the 'log.'

A different view of Morissa touching the fungus.

I love this picture!

Last photo! A different view of her boots.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those photos! What do you think of the outfit? Comment below! :)


  1. That's such a cute dress! I love anything with owls on it! The pictures you took of it are really pretty! :)

  2. Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that dress!