Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July + A Photostory!

Happy Fourth of July!

Today, I put together an Independence Day themed photostory.



I hope you enjoy reading the story!

"Emily, would you please come over here and help set up the table!" Maryellen shouts at Emily, her younger sister. Maryellen waits for a reply while she carefully fills each cup with ice-cold lemonade. 

"Ugh" Emily groans. She turns her head toward the table. "Looks like it is already done!" "Come anyway and see how it looks then" Maryellen responded. 

"Okay, I'm coming" Emily started walking toward the table of goodies.

"Wow Maryellen! This looks wonderful!" Emily complimented. "Thanks Emily! Now, I wonder who will be arriving first?" Maryellen pondered.

"Well, it looks like...Cecile!" Emily exclaimed. "Yay, someone has arrived!" Maryellen quickly announced.

"Hey guys! What's up?" Cecile greeted. 

"How have you been?" Emily asked Cecile. "Good! I can't believe we haven't seen each other since the end of school!" Cecile replied. "Same! I know right! It's been awhile." Emily led Cecile over to the table.

As soon as Cecile got situated, the three girls looked over to see another guest was heading over. "Grace is here guys" Cecile exclaimed.

Maryellen rushed over to Grace. "Grace!" Maryellen squealed. "Hey Maryellen" Grace replied. The two girls hugged each other. 

Not long after Grace arrived, Sophie and her little brother Jack came. "Hi everyone!" Jack giggled. "Awww!" Maryellen, Emily, Cecile, and Grace just adored Sophie's little brother. "Now that everyone is here, let's go eat." Emily suggested.

Everyone gathered around the table. "Mmmm! I can tell this pizza is from Dolly Diner." Sophie said as she licked her lips. "Can we make s'mores now?" Jack nagged. "Yep! The supplies are over here." Emily replied.

As Sophie helped Jack with roasting his marshmallows, the other girls gathered around to watch him. "He's adorable!" Grace giggled.

"Sophie, are my marshmallows done?" Jack asked while examining his stick. "Yes dear. Let's go ahead and make your s'more and let others roast some mallows." Sophie replied sweetly. She led Jack to the table and helped him put his s'more together. 

"Guys, I need a group photo before anyone leaves!" Maryellen commanded. Maryellen set up her camera on timer and quickly jumped into the photo. 

The end!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my photostory!

Now, I have a few bonus photos to share with you all!

Once again, I hope you enjoyed reading my photostory and looking at the bonus photos!

Which bonus photo is your favorite?


  1. That sounds like fun.

    Allie D.

    1. Thanks Allie!


  2. This was such a cute post! Great job! Happy (Late) Fourth of July!:) I love those extra pictures, they're so pretty!:)

    1. Aww, thank you Emma!


  3. Cecile's hair is so pretty! I like the pic of Grace and Maryellen from the bonus pictures :-)

    1. Thanks Grace! I agree...I love Cecile's hair!