Saturday, April 19, 2014

Merida is Complete!

Hey everyone! I finally finished Merida! It took a while because I have been busy with school but here she is! She is very pretty. Her wig had a hair pin in it to make it be nice for shipping but it made the wig look more like a princess. Merida's hair did not look like a princess's! So I took the pin out and she looks more like Merida! Her curls are full and wild. I love my new doll and think she is gorgeous! What do you think of her?

Here she is with the pin in her hair.
Here she is with her "wild" hair.


  1. Love it! Is that a Monique wig or a different brand?

    1. No it is not from Monique. I actually got it on Ebay from a seller named BAVAS International.