Monday, June 30, 2014

Gotz Doll for My Birthday!

This past weekend was my birthday! I received the Elisabeth Gotz doll! She is very cute. She has long, brown, wavy layered hair and it is rooted. Her eyes are brown and they can open and close.The outfit she has on is American Girl's Sea Breeze outfit. The outfit was a little snug to put on but it fits nicely. The bag she is carrying didn't come with the outfit. I just added the bag because it looks cute with it! :)

Here I am comparing my new Gotz doll to American Girl doll's Molly. There are many differences between the two. I specifically used Molly due to them both having bangs. Molly's bangs are longer and closer to her eyes than the Gotz doll's. My new doll has a very different shaped face than the AG's, including her eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, she has rooted hair and Molly has a wig. Their complexion is different as well. Molly's complexion is darker than the Gotz doll. I personally like my new doll's complexion better than Molly's. I am very happy with my new doll!

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