Saturday, August 30, 2014

My New Doll Ariel!

Hey everybody! I am glad to be back from summer camp so I can share doll things with you! So, before I left to go to camp I received a new, toddler Gotz doll. We purchased her from Ebay. They listed her as 'good condition' and listed her size as a 16" doll. When she arrived and we were taking a look at her we found her hair very tangled, marker spots on her leg and hand, and that she is a 19" doll. So I took an AG brush and a water spritzer and slowly brushed her hair out. For the marks on her leg and hand, I used a q-tip and nail polish remover and scrubbed the marks. It came out very well! She looks like a new doll. My mom wrote the lady telling her about these issues and she replied saying to send her in the condition we received her in. Well, I had already fixed her up. We told the seller that we had taken care of her and she wouldn't be coming in the same condition. So the seller gave us our money back and told us to keep the doll. She is a very gorgeous baby with long red hair. On her knees are cute little toddler wrinkles. She arrived with a little dress on( that was to small for her!) and baby socks on. I did an experiment and tried a Build- A- Bear outfit on her. It looks really cute! I named her Ariel because she kind of looks like a baby Disney princess Ariel. Here are some pictures:

The picture of her on the Ebay listing.

Ariel when she arrived.
Sorry that the picture is blurry but you can see the big mark on her hand. She also had green marks on her leg but my camera couldn't get a good picture of it.
Ariel in a Build-A-Bear outfit. :)
                                            Thanks for reading :0)

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