Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Camp Doll Diaries~ Arriving at Camp!

Hey everyone!

So, in my last post I told you guys that I was going to do a photostory and gave you hints on what it was going to be. 

Shoutout to Shelby-Grace and Universe Revolves for guessing the photostory theme(and guessing it correctly)!

Unfortunately, yesterday it poured rain and today it is very dreary outside and keeps raining off and on. Definitely not a good day for a lemonade stand fundraiser. 

So, since I missed it yesterday, I did a photostory of my dolls going to Camp Doll Diaries! I couldn't just do nothing especially since I promised to do a photostory. I hope you guys enjoy!

"Hello! Welcome to Camp Doll Diaries!" Carley shouted to a camper walking over towards the table.

"Is this check-in?" asked the camper. "Yep, you are right darling!"

"I just fill out the form?" "Yep, fill out that form, I will look at it and determine which cabin you are in" replied Carley. "How many cabins are there?" Mandi asked as she filled out the form. "Three- Frog Hopper's, Sunny Sunset, and Rainbow Castle." 

"Here you go" Mandi handed the form to Carley. "Thank you" Carley said as she looked at the form. "Looks like you will be going into Rainbow Castle. " Carley told Mandi. "Yay!" shouted Mandi. 

"The cabin is that way" Carley told Mandi. "Okay, thank you!" Mandi said. Mandi walked toward the cabin. She entered into Rainbow Castle. 

"Hi! Are you the counselor? What is your name" Mandi asked the counselor right away. "Hello, my name is Becca and I am indeed your counselor." the counselor replied. "Cool. My name is Mandi." "Well, welcome to Rainbow Castle!" Becca told Mandi.

 "Choose a bed. You get to choose since you are the first here in the cabin. " "I'll choose this one right beside you". 

Mandi read the sign that was right above her bed. She smiled. "I love the name of this cabin" Mandi said to the counselor.

Mandi sat her bag down. "Why do the beds look like chairs?" Mandi asked Becca. "At night, we fold them out to be beds. During the day, we keep them folded in so we can save space in the cabin." Becca replied. "What a great idea!" Mandi exclaimed!

Another camper came walking in while they were talking. "Oh hi! I'm Mandi" said Mandi to the new camper. "Hi, My name is Katniss. Is this Rainbow Castle?" asked Katniss shyly. "Yep, it is! My name is Becca. I am your counselor here at Camp Doll Diaries. Which bed would you like?" Becca said to Katniss. 

"I will take this one" Katniss said as she fell into her bed. "Good" said Becca.

"Is this check-in?" asked Anna. Many people have come between each camper. "Yes it is! Just fill out the form here." answered Carley.

"Hi, my name is Anna" said Anna as she walked in the cabin. "Hi, I'm Mandi. This is Katniss, and this is our counselor, Becca" Mandi told the new camper. "Hello, welcome to Rainbow Castle!" Becca said to Anna. Let's play some ice breakers.

"Hi, I am Becca. I am your counselor." Becca said for the ice breaker game.

"Hi, I am Mandi. I am a camper here at Camp Doll Diaries" Mandi said next for the game. 

"Hello, I am Katniss. I am a camper here at Camp Doll Diaries" Katniss said next. 

"Hey, my name s Anna and I am also a camper" Anna finished the game.

"Girls, it's time for lights out! Get your pajamas on and brush your teeth" Becca told the girls. "You will be having a long day tomorrow". "Okay" replied the girls. Everyone fell asleep.

How did you like it? Once the weather clears up soon I will do my lemonade photostory.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Cute photostory! Love their cabin! ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. oh! i love it!!!!!! the cabin is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very cute! I'll be starting my camp soon. I'm still working right now so I may not have any pictures up until this weekend.

    1. That is cool! Can't wait to see your photos of camp! Thanks!


  4. Cute! I love stories of campers signing up!:)

  5. You have been nominated for a award on my blog!