Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review: American Girl Witch Costume for Dolls + a Photoshoot!


Just recently, my grandma gave me the American Girl Witch Costume for dolls. It was on sale for $14.00 but it is no longer available.

Here is an overview of the outfit. Molly will be modeling the outfit for you guys. 

The print of the dress is silver stars on purple. I think it is so cute! The material is stretchy.

In the middle part is a vest that is attached to the dress. It gives the dress more of a 'witchy' look. 

At the bottom of the dress, it is jagged and layered over black. 

The sleeves are down to her wrist and at the end are jagged just like at the bottom of the dress.

Here is a closer look at the end of the sleeve.

The witch hat is black silky fabric with a band of the purple with silver stars fabric. It is ruffled so it gives a cute poofy look.

The broom is plastic. It is tall and super cute! It even stands on its own!

The broom part at the bottom actually looks like a broom. It is so cool!

It has a purple ribbon tied around it to match the dress.

At the top of the broom, it has a handle so the doll can look like she is holding it. 

The shoes are cute. They have a lace up in the front and are easy to get on. 

They have velcro on the back which makes them easy to put on and off. The only thing about the boots are the quality. They are all cloth and there isn't a bottom sole. It is just the material of the boot on the bottom. They could tear really easy. I was trying to get a picture of the bottom of the boot but they didn't come out right.

I would give this out a 4.5 star. The outfit is adorable but the quality of the boots could be better. 

Are you ready for the photoshoot?

Sweet Witch: A Photoshoot

This is going to be my new header. What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the review. 

Do you have this outfit? Which photo was your favorite?


  1. Really cute set! For $14 it's a steal!

  2. Man , I wish I could've swept it up before it sold out ! Perfect costume , matched mine , and was great for our HP theme !