Saturday, February 13, 2016

New 18" Laura Ingalls Doll Revealed at The Queen's Treasures!


Remember how The Queen's Treasures was coming out with items for their 18" Little House on the Prairie Collection?

Well, they have come out with the most important piece for pre-order- the Laura Ingalls doll! She is so cute!

Laura comes with a nightgown and bonnet, a rag doll, a blanket. Her box that she comes in can be converted into a bed! 

I love her smile and her rosy cheeks! Laura is only $99.99! You can view the doll at The Queen's Treasures here.

There are many other items you can purchase at The Queen's Treasures in their Little House in the Prairie Doll Line. You can see the other items here.

Also, if you sign into your account, or create one, you can save 35% on anything through February 16, 2016!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I think the idea is fun and Laura is so cute!