Sunday, January 26, 2014

Supplies for my Merida doll!

Here is the doll I am going to fix and create to a Merida!
     Hey everyone! In another post, I had my followers give their opinion on which dress I should buy to for my Merida doll I am customizing. My doll I am going to use to create a Merida is a re-wigged Elizabeth. When she arrived, I sat her down to see how loose her legs were and the one  leg snapped off!

     Yesterday, Me and my mom went to Lowe's to get the supplies we need to fix her. On videos I have watched, people were calling them Ferrel's or Metal Fasteners. We had a hard time finding them. We found them in the electrical department and they were called Crimp Sleeves.                                                           
These are the Crimp Sleeves. They are very small!
                                                                      Thank you! :)

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