Sunday, January 25, 2015

Morissa (I) Climb a Tree!

Hello friends! It's Morissa! Mom has been wanting to take me out to take photos and today felt perfect here in Florida so I asked her if I could go outside and climb the tree in the backyard. She said yes. Of course, she had to come out and take photos. I was thinking it would be fine since she hasn't taken photos of me recently. Sorry about my babbling. Let's go on with the pictures! Wait, how do I load the pictures? Well, Mom will help me!

 Alright, Mom helped me load them. Here is the first picture.

 Seriously Mom! One of me closer! 

Did it take me this long to get to the tree?

 Finally, I am there! That is where I climbed first. I found an even better spot to sit in and look out into the yard. Mom's dog was out to and it was funny watching her chase lizards!

 This spot I found was really comfortable.

This is the best photo! Well, I like it the best. ;)

I am not sure if they care about my back Mom. This picture is pretty though!

My hair got a little messy up in the tree.
 Banana tree in the background!
 This leaf is really cool!
 This is a pretty picture!
 Last picture! I like this picture to!
Alright! I hope you enjoyed those photos. I know I did! Which is you favorite? I already stated mine above. Well, have a good evening everyone! :D


  1. Pretty pictures! I think the 10th one is my favorite :)
    I have that doll on my wishlist! I think she is really pretty! :D

    1. Thanks Jaclynn! She is a really nice doll. Her hair is very easy to do hairstyles and easy to manage. She also looks really nice in blue(because of her stunning blue eyes) and Josephina's clothes. =D


  2. Pretty pictures! Morissa is so pretty! I want to get her eventually, I think. I would call her Liberty Jordyn.


  3. That is adorable! My favorites are the 7th and 10th ones! :)

  4. Morissa looks so pretty in that outfit! NIce pictures too!