Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fawn's Twisted Ponytail~ A Follower's Photos!

Hello! CutePolarBear sent in photos of Fawn, her adorable doll, with the Twisted Ponytail in her hair. She looks so cute! Lets see the photos:

 Here is Fawn from the back. It looks so nice in her hair! I love how you added the hair-clip CutePolarBear! It really looks nice in her hair and matched her outfit. 

Here is Fawn in the front. She is adorable! Fawn's little face is really cute.

Here is Fawn sitting down at a side angle. The hairstyle looks great in Fawn's hai!

Well, thank you so much for sharing your photos CutePolarBear! I enjoyed sharing them here on my blog. Thanks for reading!

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