Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dolly Finds at the Thrift Shop!

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I went thrift shopping looking for some stuff for my dolls. I found a few things that were the perfect size! The items I found were a small mirror, a wood bird cage, a miniature vase, a miniature basket, a metal basket, a candle, a candle holder stand, and a glass paperweight. The mirror is the perfect size for dolls. The miniature basket I will set on their table for decoration. The bird cage is a good size for a small bird. I am going to use the vase as a floor vase sitting in the corner. With the candle I am going to take the candle out and make an ice-cream sundae in the cup part. The candle holder stand is the perfect fit and color for Cecile’s bird and bird cage. The paperweight has coral in it and little fish so I got it to use as a fish tank for the dolls. I purchased all of this adorable stuff for only $5.00! Let me know what you think about these and any other ideas I could use them for below! Don’t forget to send in photos and descriptions of your doll creations!

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