Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Twinn and American Girl Comparison

Hey everyone! As I blogged last week, My Twinn had a sale on their “adopt a friend” dolls. These dolls are not the custom, made-to-order variety, but rather pre-designed and listed for sale by their picture. I decided to take advantage of the great sale price, which was just $59, and ordered one to add to my growing doll collection.

             When she arrived, she was not as secure in her box as AG dolls come. She had ribbons tied on which made it look prettier, just not as secure.  Her hair was a little tangly and not in a hair net. Once I smoothed her hair out it was just fine. She came in cute pj’s that said peace and love on them. She came wearing white underwear and has a soft-cloth body. Her eyes do not close but are beautiful. Her hair is thick and gorgeous. She doesn’t have a sewn-in part so you can part her hair to either side or middle, unlike AG dolls. Her hair is a wig like AG dolls, not sewn-in as some others. 

            She has a very different face shape than AG. Her face is a little longer and gives the overall appearance of a larger head. She has an older look to her so you could definitely use her as an older sister. She fits perfectly into AG outfits and shoes. I tried her in AG boots, flats, and sandals and each fit just fine. She is a beautiful doll and I am overall very happy with my purchase. The other dolls can’t wait to meet her! 


Make sure you go and check out the Facebook photo album and see the other photos!

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