Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New School Supplies!

Hey everyone! Morissa here is starting to organize for school next year! We went to Staples to get some school supplies and Morissa found the binder. She said that she would have plenty of room to put homework and papers in. It was only $2! So I got it for her. She loves it already and the school year hasn't even started yet! The store had two different color options, blue and black. Morissa preferred the blue so that is what we got. She also told me that she needed a clipboard as well. Staples didn't have any clipboards so we went to a craft store and there was a clipboard to match her binder. Morissa was thrilled! It was only $1. So I purchased her that to. Morissa is so excited for next school year. Are your dolls ready for next year?

Morissa's new school supplies!
                                                            Thanks for reading! :)

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