Monday, November 24, 2014

Build-A-Bear Clothes for Ariel + a Photoshoot!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in awhile. For my brothers birthday, which was November 21st, we went to the Build-A-Bear store in the Brandon mall(I live in Florida in case you did not know). I had found out previously when I got her that Ariel fits in Build-A-Bear clothes. I got a few outfits for her there. I went there specifically wanting to try on the Anna dress(Build-A-Bear has for the holidays an Anna and Elsa bear and an Olaf stuffy!) Here is the photoshoot!

 First, the Anna dress.

 Here is Ariel in it! I braided her hair in pigtails braid. She looks so cute!

Here is a close-up on the top part of the dress.

Here is a look at the collar around Ariel's neck.

 Here is the skirt. This dress is so much like Anna's in the movie!

BOOTS! (They are AG)

Here she is now with the cloak. The cloak is has velcro on it so you have the choice to wear it or not.

Here is a look at the hearts on the cloak and the design on the front part.

This is how long the cloak is on Ariel. Perfect length! (Here you can see that the boots don't really fit her. They fit her foot but her legs are to chubby to zip them up!)

 Here is a look at the cute ruffle on the cloak.

Now, last for the Anna dress! A side-view of the dress. I tucked the dress up in her hand a little bit to make it look like she was holding it up like a princess. 

Now for the next outfit!(Hopefully I am not driving you insane!)

The next outfit is a sweater tunic top. 

Here it is on Ariel. Those leggings don't match it very well but it is to short for her to wear without. I will have to sew her a pair to match. =)

Here is a closer look at the shirt.

Here is the bow on the shirt.

Here is the print on the shirt. I love the hearts! 

The sleeve is pretty long!

Now the clothing accessory:

I got Ariel a gold jacket!

Here it is on!

The jacket is so cute!

The buttons on it are cute! (Sorry for the blurriness)

The pocket is not really a pocket. It is a decoration. But it is still cute!

The neck of the jacket is a little big around her neck. I love the collar!

Here is how long the sleeve is.

This picture was for fun!

Now, last, but not least, a pj! 

This pj was on sale. It was leftover from Valentines Day!

Here it is on Ariel. It is really cute!

 The shorts have girls and hearts with arrows through them on them! They are adorable!

The girl on the shirt is adorable!

The sleeves are the same print as the shorts.

 The ruffle on the shorts are adorable!

How do you like the outfits? Which is your favorite? Ariel is tired out from all of this modeling! Was this post to long? I think next time I have a post this long I am going to do it as 2 parts. Thank you guys for reading!


  1. Those are really cute! Would they fit AG dolls? I've seen adorable outfits at build-a-bear that I really wanted for my dolls, but I never got them because I was worried they wouldn't fit them. I love the Anna dress and the sweater! :)

    1. Hey Abigail! Thanks! No, the Build-A-Bear clothes do not fit AG's. I have tried it before. Ariel is a 19" Gotz toddler doll and she is chubbier so the Build-A-Bear clothes fit her. =)