Saturday, November 1, 2014

Doll-O-Ween Pictures!

Hey guys! I hope you and your dolls had a wonderful Doll-O-Ween yesterday! I didn't have time to post the pictures of Kit and Sophie dressed up yesterday so here they are! Wait! Before I post the pictures let me tell you what they are. Kit is dressed up as a cat and Sophie is dressed up as a butterfly. I got those adorable butterfly wings from a thrift shop a few days ago. Okay, here are the pictures!

Here is Kit sitting down with a pumpkin.

Here is a different angle of Kit sitting down with the pumpkin.

Head angle of Kit with the pumpkin.

Now a side angle of Kit with a pumpkin.

The other side angle with a pumpkin.

Now, here is Sophie dressed as a butterfly with a pumpkin.

A side angle of Sophie sitting down.

Top view of Sophie.

Here is Sophie standing up. You can see the cute wings I got for her. They match perfect with the dress!

Here is a better look at her wings. 

The straps are made from fabric. The wings were the perfect size. 

 The last picture, a top view of Sophie. I just love these wings!

What do you think? Which picture is your favorite? Thank you for reading this post!