Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving + a Little Photostory!

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving! I have made a little photostory(that is right, I said photostory). In this photostory is Lanie, Kit, and Marie-Grace. Well, I hope you like it! I am color coding each doll. Lanie is in blue. Kit is in red. Marie-Grace is in yellow.

 (Looking for a place to set up)
Lanie: Where should we go for our Thanksgiving dessert? 
Kit: Hey, maybe right there?
Marie-Grace: That looks perfect! 
 Lanie: Okay! Let's go!

(After setting the blanket down)
Lanie: Now, shall I get the pies out?
Marie-Grace: Totally! 
Kit: I am with Marie-Grace!
Lanie: Okay, okay! Calm down guys!

Lanie: Here they are! There is a slice of pumpkin pie with some whipped cream on it, a cherry pie, and a mini single serve apple pie.
Kit: I will have the pumpkin pie! My favorite!
Marie-Grace: Which one do you want Lanie? They both look delicious!
Lanie: Maybe we can split them. You have 1/2 of the apple pie and 1/2 of the cherry pie and I have the other 1/2's. 
Marie-Grace: That sounds like a great idea Lanie!

(Here are all of the pies up close)

(They have eaten their pies and are cleaning up)

 Marie-Grace: Lanie, they were so good! Did you make them?
Lanie: Yep! I made them this morning.
Kit: Wow! Lanie, you are a good baker! 
Lanie: Thanks! 

  Lanie: Well, it is time to head back girls!
Marie-Grace: Alright!
Kit: We should have a picnic here another time!
Marie-Grace: That sounds like fun Kit!
Lanie: Yeah, we will have to plan that for another time. 

The End!!!

How did you like it? This is my first photostory. Well, thank you for reading! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! The pie looks so cute!xD Hope you have a wonderful evening!!

  2. Awwww! This is so cute! Happy late Thanksgiving! :)