Thursday, August 6, 2015

Maryellen Larkin~ American Girl's Newest BeForever Coming Soon!

So, I have heard many people say that Maryellen Larkin was going to be next years Girl of the Year doll. 

Well, that isn't true.

American Girl posted on Facebook that Maryellen Larkin will be the new BeForever doll! She is going to be released August 27!

I think Maryellen is so pretty! Her time period is 1954. I love her outfits and her hair!!!

Here are 3 of Maryellen's outfits. I love them all, especially the blue one!

I think this is Maryellen's meet outfit. I really like it, it is so pretty!

This outfit is also really cute! I couldn't find a close-up of the blue outfit.

Her hair is so pretty! I love the color of it and the curls. I also love the color of her eyes with her hair. 

This is her mini doll. It is cute too although I don't care for any of the mini dolls.

This is the first book about Maryellen!

I am not sure which book is the second and which is the third.

It looks like her pet is a dachshund!! 

American Girl said to watch out for more hints and clues about her. I can't wait to see the rest of her stuff! 

(I found all of these pictures on Bing images when I look up Maryellen Larkin American Girl 2015)

What do you think of Maryellen? Do you think you want to add her to your collection?

Thank you!


  1. I was thinking about getting Julie next but I really like Mary Ellen. I love the color of her hair. I'm also a strawberry blonde.

    1. That is cool! I love the strawberry blonde hair. I don't think AG has ever had a doll with strawberry blonde hair!


  2. I think Maryellen is beautiful, and I love her story . I'm not really interested in her . As for what I want from her collection , the MINI DOLL . I MAY OR MAY NOT BE OBSESSED WITH THESE .... Yeah . Maybe her little dachshund too , he looks like a cutie .

    1. Her dachshund does look cute. Her mini doll is adorable!


  3. i cant wait . i love this doll