Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Haul 2014(Just the Doll Stuff)!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did. Well, I see that other blogs are doing Christmas Hauls and posting all of the stuff they got. I am only going to share with you guys the stuff that both Delanie and I got that is doll. I am going to share my stuff first.

 I got a new doll! She is a Gotz doll. She is actually one of the Pottery Barn(I think she is Megan). I haven't completely decided her name yet.

 I also got the Sunny Park scene. I am so excited!!!

 I got the Gala Party scene too! XD

I received the braided hair clips and an Anna dress! I clipped the braided clip in her hair and put the Anna dress on. Here it is without the cape...

 and here it is with the cape!

 I received Josephina's dress and vest.

 I got the Cheer-leading outfit before they changed it! I don't like the new one.

I got the Coconut Fun Outfit. It is so cute and I love it on Julie!

 I got Addy's Hairstyling set. This will be great for Cecile! 

 Lastly, I got Addy's Boots and Socks. I love the boots! They are actually blue(they are darker than shown in the picture).

 Here is a closer look at the blue boots.

Well, that is all of my stuff. I am going to share with you what my sister got!

 Delanie got a Gotz doll, an Elsa dress, and a doll sized Olaf! So cute together! =D

 Delanie had been wanting this for a long time and she got it this year! (The Skateboard outfit) It is adorable!! 

Here are a bunch of pictures of the different ways to wear it. Which is your favorite? My favorite is the sweater, the leotard, and the skirt together.

Well, that is it. I would love to here what you got! How was your Christmas? Well, New Years is on it's way! Thanks guys!


  1. Wow! Nice! Olaf looks so cute ;)

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome Christmas!

  3. Your new Gotz doll is very cute! I think she looks like a Jenna, a Meghan, or a Maggie!


    1. Thanks Morgan! And thanks for the name suggestions! I will take them into consideration. I was thinking about naming her Anna(like Anna from Frozen) but Delanie has a doll named Anna. My mom said that we both could have an Anna. lol I was also thinking about Meghan(or Megan like my older sister's name is spelled) because she is the Gotz Pottery Barn Kids Meghan. =D


  4. Congrats on all the new stuff! It is all so cute! The gotz dolls are adorable and I love the Frozen dresses! :)