Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Darling Doll Blog Award!

Hello guys! Kathryn over at The Best Loved Dolls nominated me for The Darling Doll Blog award! Thank you so much Kathryn! Her blog is really awesome and you should check it out. Here are the rules:

1. Nominate at least 5 doll blogs.
2. Copy and paste these rules to your award post and put this award on your sidebar/award page.
3. Ask 5 original, fun questions for your nominees.
4. Tell your nominees why you like their blog!
5. You are not obligated to do this award, but you can't take credit for it if you don't do an award post.

Here are Kathryn's questions and my answers:

1. What do you look forward to most in 2015?

I am really excited already to see who the new GOTY will be! (Actually, stuff have been leaked out already! I will post about it soon!) 

2. If you only could watch two movies for the rest of your life, which movies would they be?

 White Chicks and Tangled(I want to say Frozen soooooo badly!)

3. What is your favorite book series?

 This is the worst question EVER!! I don't know. I read so many books. The book I am reading right now for school is Watership Down by Richard Adams. It is really good(but not my favorite. I don't have a favorite). Oh right, I was answering questions for this award! Sorry for the randomness!

4. If you could meet one blogger(not saying every blogger is amazing) who would it be?

 I don't know, either Kaitlyn from American Girl Place or Kathryn at The Best Loved Dolls.

5. If you had $100 that you could spend on one doll clothes store, which store would it be and what would you buy?

This is a hard question. I guess I will say AG(their prices are going crazy!).

I nominate(and the reason why):

Kathryn at The Best Loved Dolls:  Your blog is amazing, cute, fun, exciting, dolly, crafty, and more! I absolutely love your blog and you are so nice and kind!

Kaitlyn at American Girl Place: Your blog is crafty, picture perfection, sew adorable(get it?), and amazing! Your blog is one of my favorites.

AG Chick at American Girl Chick: I love the design on your blog! You are a good photographer, crafty, and your dolls are adorable! It is just great!

Amaya at Fun with AG Fan: Your blog is so fun, crafty, you do lots of giveaways, your a good photographer, and more! You are just amazing!

 Here are my questions:

1. Do you have any Bitty Twins or Babies?

2. Do you like to make food for your dolls?
3. Are you the crafty kind or the not so crafty kind?
4. Do you have a nerd doll?
5. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?

Well, thanks again for nominating me Kathryn! Thanks for reading everyone! =D

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