Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seven Days 'til Christmas~Orlando AG Store(Part 2)!

Hi all! This is part 2 of the Orlando AG store. On this post, I am posting all of the photos I took of the BeForever stuff. Let's go!

First, I am going to show Julie's stuff. Here is her outfit collection.

Here is Julie with her accessories on. I don't really like the accessories(except for the bag).

Julie's Dance set. I didn't realize the special sets were only available until December 31st!

 Julie's Car Washing set was sold out at the AG store!

Julie's bed and accessories!

I love the hugging monkeys! They are adorable!

This jacket and hat is cute!

 Caroline's clothes collection!


Here is Caroline's parlor and treats. That dress is also pretty!

Here is a closer look at the treats.

 Caroline's boat.

Caroline's pj, bed, and cat!

Now Rebecca. I love her new meet outfit!

 Rebecca's School Play set. 

 Josephina's clothes collection!


Kit's clothes collection!

 Kit's table and chairs set is so nice! I love it. I don't really care for Kit's meet outfit though.

Addy's clothes collection! I love all of her outfits. Did you know that at this store, Addy was sold out?!?!

 I love Addy's new meet outfit!

Kaya's clothes collection.

Kaya's horse is pretty. I love the white spots on the back.

Samantha's clothes collection. I love Samantha and all of her clothes!

Well, that is it! Which BeForever is your favorite? Thanks for reading! 


  1. Great pictures! I think my favorites are Kit and Rebecca.Wonderful post, as always!

  2. Awesome pictures! I love Caroline! She is the doll I want next! :)