Thursday, December 18, 2014

Six Days 'til Christmas~ Orlando AG Store(Part 3)!

Greetings everyone! (lol just trying different ways to say hi!) So, as you probably already know, this post will contain all of the MAG(in case you don't know, that stands for My American Girl) stuff! Well, except for the holiday stuff in the part one post. I guess you want to see the pictures and not really hear me talk. Let's go!

The best picture to start off with is the picture of all of the MAG's! 

 Here is the Orlando print AG shirt. It is so pretty! They had it for girls and dolls.

Speaking of girls, this outfit is so cute and they have it for girls!

 Here is the outfit for girls. The dalmatian dog is cute!

 Here are is the chocolate lab puppy and the corgi puppy.

Here is the apricot poodle puppy.

Molly wanted to pose with all of the pets. Which is your favorite?

This outfit is cute!

This is the sleepover accessories. It is soooo cute! The Apples to Apples game has real cards!!

The star hoodie outfit and the flower outfit. They are hanging up on these cool hangers. These hangers were in the bathroom stalls to hang your doll on! 

Gymnastics set. This would be a good set for McKenna.

Hi-yah! Karate set!


I love the science book on top of the locker!

Dolly pajamas! 

This is a cool bike!

 All of this is so cute!

They actually fit in it to! 

This snack set is so adorable! It comes with so much food! =D

Talent Show

I love the guitar! The outfit is also cute. I think it would look good on Saige.

I like the rain jacket outfit.

 Playing the violin.

Playing the piano.

I think this is an exclusive at the store.

Well, that is it! Which MAG is your favorite? Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and looking at the pictures!


  1. This is cool, Hope! I am glad you got to go to the store ;)

  2. My favorite MYAG's are 23, 24, 55, and 56, because those are the ones I have. I also really like 61. I'm not really sure which outfit is my favorite. Glad you had fun at the store!


  3. My favorite MAG is 24, which is the one I have.

  4. Cool, Angie! I have #24, too! Her name is Shayne Elizabeth. What is yours named?


  5. Cool! The MAG's are my favorite! I loved looking at these pictures! :)