Friday, December 12, 2014

Twelve Days 'til Christmas~ Putting up the Tree Photostory!

Hi! This is Mandi, Sophie, and Anna(pronounced like Anna from Frozen). Mom let us put up the Christmas tree today! So, below are pictures of us decorating! Enjoy the photostory!

 Mandi: Ugh! Finally it is over here!
Anna: It was pretty heavy!
Sophie: Can we just get it standing already? I am so ready to decorate!
Mandi: Okay, okay Sophie!

 Sophie: This is my least favorite part!
Anna: I like fluffing the tree.
Mandi: Just get it done girls!
 Anna and Sophie(in unison): Alright Mandi!

 Sophie: Ornaments! Where are they?
Anna: Uh Sophie, I think Mandi wants to put the beads on.
Mandi: Sophie, just chill please? Help me wrap the beads around would ya?
Sophie: Okay!

 Sophie: Okay, I will tie the tree skirt. Anna, can you get the ornaments?
Anna: Here they are!
Mandi: Yay! Everyone, get decorating! 

Anna: I am hanging first the angel!
Sophie: The purple snowflake!
Mandi: Peace sign! Woowoo!

Anna: Mandi, can I put up the star?
Mandi: Sure Anna!
Sophie: Man, I wanted to put it up! 

Mandi, Sophie, and Anna: Ta-da!
 Sophie: Good job putting the star on Anna!
Anna: Thanks Sophie!
 Mandi: Thanks girls for helping! 

 Thanks for reading the photostory! We are going to turn it over to mom. I think she wants to talk for a minute.

How did you like the photostory? They did a good job piecing it together! Well, thanks for reading! I look forward posting the next Twelve Days 'til Christmas post!




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    1. Hi Jana! Thanks! I am glad you enjoy my blog! I checked out your blog. I really like it and followed it by email. You should add a google follower gadget. =D


    2. Thanks!! Oh, yeah, you're right. I might! :)

  2. This is sooo cute! I loved reading it and you are a very good writer! Their tree looks awesome! :)