Friday, December 19, 2014

Five Days 'til Christmas~ Orlando AG Store(Part 4)!

Hey guys! Yep, the last of the photos from the Orlando AG store! These are just extras taken at the AG store. Let's see them!

Before we went into the store, Lanie and Molly posed with the poinsettias. 

My 5-year old niece, Natalie, wanted her Bitty, Baby Belle, to pose with the poinsettias too!

 Molly wanted to pose with the Isabelle sign(it isn't really a sign I am just not sure what to call it!).

 Molly and Baby Belle posing with the pretty Christmas wreath! 

 Natalie, my niece, posing with them! It was her first time at the AG store!

 Lanie and Molly posing in front the Christmas tree!

 Photo of just Molly posing in front of the Christmas tree.

Baby Belle and Molly posing in front of the Christmas tree.

 "This tree is so pretty!" exclaimed Molly.

 Molly really liked the ornaments on the tree!

Which photo above was your favorite? Wow! I have shared all of the photos I took at the Orlando AG store with you guys! Which part was your favorite? Well, thanks for reading and looking at the photos!


  1. Wonderful photos, as always! Aw, your niece is so cute :)

  2. Fun! Molly's hair looks cute.


  3. These are sooo pretty! I love the one of Lanie and Molly standing by the tree! :)